Refereed Journal Articles

Kelly, Meghan and Amber Bosse. “Pressing Pause, ‘Doing’ Feminist Mapping.” ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, Special Issue on "Doing Critical GIS," invited by Dillon Mahmoudi and Taylor Shelton (accepted, minor revisions).

Bley, Kallista, Kela Caldwell, Meghan Kelly, Jenna Loyd, Robert E. Roth, Tanya M. Anderson, Anne Bonds, Jenny Plevin, Darrin Madison, Christofer Spencer, Trevonna Sims, Chris Archuleta, Zach Ellner, Taylor McDowell, Cheslea Nestle, Elsa Noterman, Nick Smith, Stepha Veleditsky, Nick Underwood, Robert Darlington, Yuqi Gao, Anna George, Laura Miller, Tim Prestby, and Jamp Vongkusolkit. “A Design Challenge for Transforming Justice.” GeoHumanities. (accepted, minor revisions)

Kelly, Meghan. "Mapping Bodies, Designing Feminist Icons." GeoHumanities.

Kelly, Meghan. "Mapping Syrian Refugee Border Crossings: A Feminist Approach." Cartographic Perspectives.

Book Chapters

Kelly, Meghan. “Feminist Geography and Geospatial Technology.” Routledge Handbook of Geospatial Technologies and Society (invited by Doug Specht and Alexander Kent).

Articles Under Review

Nicholson, Philip, Meghan Kelly, and Nick Lally. “Creative GeoVisualization.” GeoHumanities, Practices and Curations.

Kelly, Meghan. "Narrative and Storytelling." Geographic Information Science and Technology, Body of Knowledge.

Kelly, Meghan. "Gallery of Possibilities: A Method for Intersectional Mappings." The Professional Geographer, Special Issue on Feminist Research Methods and Intersectionality (invited by LaToya Eaves and Karen Falconer Al-Hindi).

Articles in Preparation

Kelly, Meghan. “Collectively Designing Icons, New Vocabularies for Map Design.” Cartographica.

Kelly, Meghan. “Feminist Mapping: A Design Challenge Towards Abolitionist Technologies.” Gender, Place and Culture.

Kelly, Meghan, Nick Lally, and Robert Roth. "Humanizing Interactive Maps." CaGIS

Roth, Robert E., Meghan Kelly, Nick Underwood, Nick Lally, Kristen Vincent, and Carl Sack. "Interactive and Multiscale Thematic Maps." IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

Other Publications

Kelly, Meghan. (2016) "Collectively Mapping Borders." Cartographic Perspectives.

Rosenfeld, Heather, Meghan Kelly, and Robert Roth. (2016) "Learning Cartography; or, a Gallery of Awesome Maps." Edge Effects.

Kelly, Meghan. (2016) "From Lines to Stories: New Visualizations of Syria's Borders." Edge Effects.

Kelly, Meghan. (2015) "Mapping Syrian Refugee Border Crossings: A critical, feminist perspective." University of Kansas. Thesis.

Recent Presentations

Kelly, Meghan and Amber Bosse"Mapping and Positionality: A Call for Reflection and Action." NACIS, Tacoma, Washington. Video Recording.

Kelly, Meghan, Angie Jones, Lynda Ketcham, Catherine D’Ignazio, Tanya Buckingham, and Robert E. Roth. "Feminist Mapmaking in Practice: Applying Feminist Concepts to Mapping Workshops for Enhanced Community Engagement." AAG, Washington, D.C.

Kelly, Meghan. (2018) "Feminist Icon Design" NACIS, Norfolk. Video Recording.

Kelly, Meghan. (2018) "Techniques of the Mapped Body" AAG, New Orleans.